An important factor when hanging new external doors

For longevity of external doors it is essential that both the top & bottom of the doors are painted thoroughly. This is a common mistake that tradesman make resulting in doors swelling & delaminating due to water getting through. Melbourne door repairs sees this as the most important part of the job to make sure the door will give you as long a life as possible.

New installations of internal & external hinged doors

Melbourne door repairs will install a new internal or external door and remove the old door hardware. If the old hardware is not functional we can supply new hardware with the lock keyed to your other doors. A new door frame can also be installed if required.

Repairs of hinged & sliding doors

Melbourne Door Repairs can repair your hinged or sliding doors. Common problems such as sticking doors, doors that don’t latch, loose hinges, door knobs that fall off, doors rubbing on the floor, sliding doors that are hard to open or close, can all be repaired by the Melbourne Door Repairs team.

Installation of new door hardware

All brands of door knobs, handles, deadlocks & latch assemblies can be installed by the Melbourne Door Repairs team.

Installation & repair of all door closers

All brands of door closers commercial & domestic can be repaired, serviced or replaced by the Melbourne Door Repairs team.